Mort Yao

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.” – Wikipedia

  • Metaphysics: The fundamental nature of being and the world.
    • Ontology: Study of the basic categories of being of entities and their relations.
  • Epistemology: Study of knowledge.
  • Logic: Study of reasoning and argument.
    • Mathematical logic
  • Philosophy of mind and philosophy of language
    • Psychology and cognitive science
    • Linguistics
  • Philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of science
    • Foundations of mathematics
    • Foundations of statistics
  • Philosophy of religion
    • Natural theology
  • Axiology (Value theory): Study of human values with regard to the society.
    • Ethics
    • Aesthetics
    • Political philosophy
  • Sociology: Study of social behaviors or societies.
    • Critical theory

The tradition of philosophy is diverse on both emphasis and methodology.

  • Continental philosophy
  • Analytic philosophy

In simple but somewhat imprecise words: Analytic philosophy emphasizes the use of formal logic and serves as the basis for the philosophy of science; Continental philosophy is everything else (and as the name suggests, it takes root mostly in mainland Europe).